My Experience Writing this Blog


My Experience with putting together this blog about “The Lottery” was a memorable one. Who could forget the scary and shocking story of the town and family members who toned their fellow village citizen.

I must admit, initially I thought the story was going to be a lottery with actually money and prizes, but oh boy was I in for a big surprise. As soon as I found out the type of prize that Jackson had cooked up for this lottery I couldn’t believe what I had read.

I know this blog is full of spoilers and hints to what the ending has in store. But I feel that this blog is better discovered and explored after reading “The Lottery”. I know Jackson wouldn’t like this blog, because In my opinion she wanted the reader to be in the dark until the very last moment to achieve the full affect of her surprise ending.

I never won the lottery, but after reading Shirley Jackson’s version of the lottery it will make me think of her story everytime I see a lottery ticket. Just joking, but in all seriousness it’s a classic story, that anyone would enjoy.

Florida Lottery.

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